Beneficial owner and Measures against money laundry Act

After entering into force of the new Measures against money laundering Act new obligations arose for the companies falling under the hypothesis of liable persons under the Act.
One of the requirements introduced for the purpose of transparency of ownership of legal entities is the obligation to declare a beneficial owner, which the Law imposes on companies.
If you need professional assistance regarding the interpretation of the provisions of the Measures against Money Laundering Act and answer the basic question - is the company I represent is a liable person and whether it is obliged to declare a beneficial owner in the Commercial Register - you may contact us via the site inquiry form, and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.
We can also assist you in fulfilling all the obligations incumbent on your company under the Measures against Money Laundering Act.
Do not hesitate to write us! The deadlines for fulfilling all the above and other obligations under the Act are short and the sanctions provided for are high. Save this expense on your company and contact us to assist you comply with the requirements of the new regulations.