Legal advice

Preparation of all types of contracts, agreements and other necessary documents related to your negotiations in the field of contract law.
We may also provide the necessary legal assistance during the negotiations to best protect your interest, as well as in the process of pre-contractual relations with your clients and counterparties.
Our main goal is to protect your interest to the greatest extent from hidden covenants in contracts that are not recognized by you as unfavorable.
Preparation of employment contracts, annexes, job descriptions, agreements, employer orders, protocols, decisions and others;
Consultation and preparation of documents on termination of employment, notices, orders, protocols for selection, payment of benefits;
Consultations relating to the imposition of disciplinary sanctions, dismissals, realization of property and disciplinary responsibility;
Assistance, consultation and representation for out-of-court settlement of labor disputes, as well as procedural representation before a court for conducting labor cases in connection with layoffs, redundancies, benefits and other labor disputes.
Representation before state and municipal bodies;
Appeal of penal decrees of different bodies;
Appeal against administrative acts;
Assistance in connection with LTA procedures (change of purpose of the property, settlement of landed properties, etc.).
Legal advice in civil matters;
Preparation of powers of attorney, certificates, invitations and assistance to a notary public;
Registration, transformation and termination of cooperatives, civil societies, foundations, non-profit associations.
Assistance in connection with the sale and purchase of real estate;
Preparation of a preliminary contract for the sale and purchase of real estate;
Preparation of a notary deed for sale and purchase of real estate;
Assistance in notarizing the transaction;
Assistance and legal representation in real estate division proceedings;
Obtaining documents for weights, sketches and other documents from various government bodies.