Online consultation

The benefits of online counseling and online legal services are that you save time and money. In modern life, our time is extremely organized, so you could take advantage of the fast and quality services that MINA CONSULT will provide you with at affordable rates. 
The steps are easy:
1. Complete a short questionnaire

2. You pay the fixed fee after receiving an email regarding the amount due and the amount of the advance payment is 20% of the price of the service
3. You will receive ready-made documents and instructions on the way and place of their entry.
4. You pay the balance of the amount due.
This saves time and money because you do not have to spend time visiting and meeting with the professional who will prepare your documents. Second, you can easily explain the specific requirements you have for the documents over the phone. Thirdly, when the service is accompanied by the entry of the prepared documents, this makes it unnecessarily expensive, and in our proposed option you have the freedom to decide when to enter the documents, in view of the regulatory deadlines and your free time. 
By completing a short questionnaire, we will prepare your contract and send it to you at the email address you provided.
Please answer the following questions in free text:
1. What is the subject of the contract - what do you want to achieve - purchase, rent, loan, donation, service, brokerage or other?
2. Which are the parties to the contract?
3. Do you want the contract to be concluded under special conditions?
4. Will there be a penalty for non-performance of the contract and to what extent do you want it to be?
5. Will there be a term of the contract and what will it be?
6. Will there be collateral in the form of a mortgage, pledge, order record, etc.?
7. How will the payment be made - periodically or once, will there be advance payments? Will there be a deposit (deposit, deposit)? Will the agreed amount, with or without VAT, be?
8. Loan: Will there be interest?
Preparation of any kind of power of attorney, applications, etc. (please describe in free text the purpose for which you need the document and its address)
Interested in preparing a Notary or Voluntary Invitation?
When would you need to make such an invitation? If someone owes you money, a return of an object, performance of an action that was agreed in a contract or required by law - you can give him / her a notary invitation with a deadline for execution.
Notary invitation is optional, it is an option, but in many cases it could save you years of litigation and costs. The main function of a notarial invitation is to inform the person that he owes money, return an object, perform an action, etc., and this is also the main means of proving the invitation to perform.
What could we be useful for? Once we familiarize yourself with your case, we will prepare in the short term the invitation to submit to the notary for service, and you should pay the notary the fee specified by the notary. The cost of preparing a notarial invitation varies between 50 and 80 BGN. If you do not wish to pay the notary fee and, accordingly, have a stronger psychological effect upon its service - we could also prepare a call for voluntary performance, which you can send to your debtor yourself.
Please answer the following questions in free text:
1. Към кого е насочена нотариалната покана, име, ЕГН, адрес за връчване?
2. В какво се състои вземането – получаване на пари, извършване на действие, дължимо бездействие, друго?
3. What is the claim - contract, law or other?
4. A brief description of the timeline of events.
5. Have any other actions been taken so far in the case described?
Please send us the document from which the claim originated.
Please answer the following questions in free text:
1. What is the web site for which you wish us to draw the documents?
2. Does the website collect visitor IP address data?
3. Do you conduct marketing?
4. Who has access to the data collected through the site?
5. How do you receive the data collected through the site (via email, online inquiry, online chat or other)?
Are you interested in announcing an act - such as a general meeting invitation or annual financial statement in the Commercial Register?
Please answer the following questions in free text:
 1.   Съгласно ГФО, което одобрявате, имате ли печалба и как желаете да я       разпределите?
2. Do you have an obligation to audit the financial statements and who is the auditor to perform the audit for the next calendar period?
3.   Желаете ли да подадете документите по електронен път?
4. Желаете ли да освободите членовете на управителния орган на дружеството Ви от отговорност за предходната година?
5. Please submit the accounting documents to be adopted under the Accountancy Act (Financial Report, Auditor's Report, Audit Committee Report, Activity Report).
Are you interested in appealing a criminal decision or objection to an act of administrative misconduct (for example, by the Traffic Police)?
Send us the document you wish to appeal and describe the timeline and circumstances surrounding the case.
Please note that if we require further information to prepare the document we require, we will contact you at the phone number or email address provided.